Oba Iroko Botanica


Oba Iroko Church of God, Inc.


was established in Brooklyn, New York on September 07, 2005.  Oba Iroko Church of God, Inc. preserves the African Diaspora religion(s) and practices the Yoruba religion, teaching its customs and practices to its members and the public at large.  The Yoruba religion is the religion of the Yoruba people of Africa, one of the principal cultures from which the Black People of America originated.  The practice of this religion, through Oba Iroko Church of God, Inc., is consistent with the practices that have survived to this time throughout the Western Hemisphere.  Oba Iroko Church of God, Inc. teaches the gospel of God within and without the United States of America and promotes the teaching of the gospel of God among the members of the church and also nonmembers, to hire or procure the services of competent ministers and lay persons, with or without compensation to promulgate the teachings of the gospel of God.