Remedies & How To Do Them


(* In-Store Only, however can send herbs themselves if need be)

For the New Year you can make a broom out of 9 plants using Lucky Leaves that you will bless with holy water, Florida Water, rum, and efun/cascarilla. The broom is tied with 9 ribbons. One uses the broom to clean the people in the home and the house itself. May be used for three consecutive days.

On the first day and after bush broom's first application, wash down the floor with Kreso Floor Wash & smoke out the house with Myrrh or Dried Sage.

On the second day, repeat day one's process.

On the third day, light a white candle (for clarity) and a red candle (to draw money and finance) at the home's front door (inside) with a cigar and glass of water for ancestors & spirit guides before the third and final day of cleansing. Fill a bowl with water and bluing, white flowers, Kananga Water, & Pompeii. The incense used on the third day is Frankincense. The Floor Wash used is Chinese Floor Wash, however may use any sweet Floor Wash. On the third day, use the broom as normal - cleaning inside out/from back to front door - once at front door pick up bowl with above ingredients and sprinkle it from the door inward, covering the entire house. Follow that with the incense. Psalms 24, 29, & 51. For oneself, use a 9 day cutting bath or fix a bath with: basil, marjoram, mint, ruda, boil and add to the bath Pompeii, Kananga Water, Kolonia 1800 Cologne, Florida Water, honey, cinnamon sticks, and a red carnation. Play 6, 46, 422.

* Good for moving into new homes.  New Years starts off with new beginnings. If you're planning to sell your home or buy a new home these are things to ensure success whether coming into a new home or exiting your old home.




Tools you are going to need:

A small cauldron

Mortar & Pestle

Florida Water

Holy Oil

Path Opener Oil

Dry Herbs:




Path Opener Herb (* can be substituted with Mugwart)



Place cauldron in a safe, non-flammable, place. Add half ounce of Florida Water & ignite to make flame. Add three pinches of each herb. Allow to burn down to ash. Once pot is cool, remove contents from pot & place in mortar. Pound herbs into powder. If male, call onto whichever goddess you pray toward. If female, call onto whichever god you pray toward. Say three times. Once powder is made, pour three drops of each oil & mix with herbs. If trying to sell home, mark the homes doorways inside out - making three crosses, one on top of each other. If just bought home, add a little honey to mixture and mark doors/pathways with four crosses - one on top, one on bottom, and one and either side. Burn cinnamon sticks, cloves, & lavender (*can use oils if cannot find provisions) for three days in a row. Perfect house cleansing or house selling ritual.